Roughrider – Mint Mile



On their sophomore album Roughrider, Chicago’s Mint Mile, helmed by Silkworm’s Tim Midyett, refines and expands their signature sound. While retaining the style that defined their previous releases, the band seamlessly incorporates elements of country, Crazy Horse-esque jams, and even drone. The addition of pedal steel guitar, courtesy of Justin Brown, lends a twangy beauty to tracks like “Halocline.” Roughrider sees Mint Mile deftly blending these diverse influences into a cohesive and sprawling sonic landscape. The heartfelt and beautiful contributions of Nina Nastasia on the closing track, “I Hope It’s Different,” absolutely seal the deal. Longtime fans will find familiar ground, but Roughrider also features new textures and collaborators, proving that Midyett still has quite a lot to say in his post-Silkworm projects.

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